Kids and Teens

Invest in the NXTGEN

At Focus Church, we believe we can change tomorrow today by investing in the next generation. We love kids and teens… and it shows!

We develop our own curriculum and start teaching kids at the youngest of age, believing that when they grow up they will follow Jesus all of their lives. Of course… it helps that our Lead Pastors, Ryan and ShaLe, were children’s pastors before coming to Focus Church!

In Nursery (0-2 years olds), which we call “Pixels”, we focus our lessons on the concepts that God is love and God loves you.

In Preschool (3 year olds-K), which we call “Zoom!”, we take time to teach the basic stories of the Bible that focus on who Jesus is and how we can love and serve him.

In Elementary (1st-5th grade), which we call “Burst”, we focus our lessons and small group times on exploring the life change that happens when we follow Jesus.

In Youth (6th-12th grade), which we call “Converge”, we focus our lessons and small group times on going deeper into why we believe what we believe.

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For Babies and Preschoolers

For Royal Oaks Elementary Students

For all Kids 0 Years - 5th Grade

What’s the End Goal?

Our Goal is that kids can jump in anywhere and start a relationship with God that will go the distance. It’s important to us that kids and teens have a faith of their own. We partner with parents and desire God’s best for each kid and teen.