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Joe's Story

7 Part Series

Series Description

In this series, we will look at the story of Joseph (Joe for short) and see how God was at work throughout his life’s story to bring about His purposes.  In the same way, God works in us, if we have set Him up to be the main character of our life’s story.  God has a purpose and plan for your life and He wants you to discover it.  Here are the 7 things God gave Joe in his story and will give you in your story:

Week 1:  Dreams

Week 2:  Identity

Week 3:  Protection

Week 4:  Standards

Week 5:  Patience

Week 6:  Pressure

Week 7:  Purpose


Pastor Ryan Foldhazi

Lead Pastor

Nathan Sawczak

Guest Speaker

Scripture Reference

Genesis 37:5-11, Genesis 37:1-4, Isaiah 43:1-3, Genesis 37:13-28, 1 Peter 3:14-17, Genesis 39:1-20, Genesis 39:19-23, Genesis 40:1-23, Genesis 41:8-16, Genesis 41:37-57,


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